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Holiday Foot Care Tips

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” might be the actual lyrics, but we should probably switch out “wonderful” for “hectic.” Sure, it doesn’t flow quite as well—we tried!—but it more accurately captures what happens during the holiday season. There is so much running around, shopping, cooking, visiting relatives, and being jolly that it becomes simply overwhelming. In the midst of all the hustle and bustle, it is important to stay mindful of your health, including caring for your feet. So our little gift to you is some tips for holiday foot care. (We lost the gift receipt, though.)

You will probably walk miles while searching for the perfect gifts for loved ones. All of the time spent in malls and stores this holiday season is taxing on your feet, especially your arches. As you head out to brave the crowds, you may need to stop by a shoe store and pick up a pair that provides exceptional arch support and cushioning. Make sure they offer a comfortable fit and are not too narrow, which can lead to blisters and corns. Consider this a gift for your feet.

Holiday foot care is more than just how you treat your feet while you shop. It also means preparing before you leave home by performing foot stretches. This will help you avoid muscle cramps, which can quickly put a damper on your holiday spirit.

Dry winter air is not your skin’s best friend. The cold can take its toll on your skin, so it is important to moisturize your feet in order to prevent dry, cracked skin. Moisturize them in the morning, after your shower, and at night before you go to bed with a small amount of moisturizer. This will help fight off the damage the cruel winter air can bring.

The best tip we can give you for this holiday season is to make sure that you aren’t so caught up in all the festivities and craziness that you ignore warning signs from your body. If you are experiencing any abnormal pain or irritation, schedule an appointment with Shenandoah Podiatry and see either Dr. Jennifer Keller or Dr. Marshal Gwynn. Call our Roanoke office at (540) 904-1458 or our Blacksburg, VA, office at (540) 808-4343 and get the help you need. Happy Holidays, all!