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High Arches

When you stand, the gap between your foot’s inner side and the ground is referred to as your arch. If your arch is high, you have a pes cavus (high-arched foot). A high arch may not cause any symptoms for some people, but for others it can lead to discomfort. Symptoms vary depending on the degree of the arch. Some patients develop calluses or hard skin under the sole of the foot or feel pain or tenderness along the arch. Feet may also feel stiff. In severe cases, pain in the calf, hip, or knee may develop. It may be challenging to find shoes that fit properly, especially around the ankle, and shoes may wear out quickly.

To determine the best treatment for high arches and other foot conditions, a podiatrist will examine the foot and perform a gait analysis. He or she will also look at a patient’s medical history, past medical problems, length, frequency of symptoms in determining the best treatment plan.