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Low Heels = High Style, Less Pain?

Kitten heels have appeared on the fashion scene, and fashionistas are rejoicing in the most comfortable footwear trend in quite a while! These shoes, a morph of stilettos and flats, offer the sophisticated look of high heels but with less discomfort. Kitten heels may have had their stuffy days, worn in bland styles in the workplace by 1980s working women, but the new styles are far from frumpy. In candy colors, pretty peep toes, or toughened up with hardware, these shoes are fun and, compared to last year’s sky-high stilettos, comfy.

The New York Times is raving about this smart new style. “They give you the posture. They give you an elegant attitude right away,” says Giovanna Battaglia, fashion director of Italian Vogue accessories mags Vogue Gioiello and Vogue Pelle.

Low heels may be high on style, but how healthy are they for your feet? The real answer is all in how you wear them. While they give the wearer less immediate pain than high heels, there is still little support in most ladies’ dress shoes, even low-heeled or flat ones. Check that your dress shoes have sufficient arch support; if they don’t, stop by our office, we have 3 different types of orthotics to fit your needs! Some will fit invisibly into peep-toe or open-toe shoes; others are printed with fun patterns that you’ll want to show off. Also, let your feet rest! Put your feet up or go barefoot when you get a chance, and wear more supportive footwear out in the yard, when running errands, etc.

In our offices we often see patients with foot pain due to wearing improper shoes constantly for long periods of time. You can prevent painful foot conditions if you make smart choices for your feet!