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Heel Pain from…Stilettos?

While us commoners might not have heel pain from Mr. Choo, Vuitton or Blahnik, we still wear our beloved 4-inch stilettos (maybe their Steve Maddens or Sam Edelmans…) When our heels, however, constrict our foot, we are bound to have increased foot pain ranging from hammertoes or “simply” bunions, corns or calluses. That’s not going to keep us from wearing those shoes on our weekend nights or working girl days, so what precautions can we take to prevent that want of taking them off 15 minutes after we put them on?


  • Make sure the shoe fits- yes, you might encounter a deal that’s too good to pass up at T.J. Maxx but if you only wind up wearing them for half the night because they’re too tight, they will only take up valuable closet space!
  • Where does it hurt? – If your entire foot endures pain, get a shoe length cushion insole, or if its just the balls of your feet, purchase silicone metatarsal pads
  • Thicker heels- we’re in luck ladies, the thick heel is on it’s way back! This helps relieve some pressure from the foot rather than the pin needle heels
  • Gradual slope- do most of your heels look like you’re going to fall face-forward when you stand in them? Try looking for cute heels that have a gradual slope instead to alleviate some pressure on the ball of the foot
  • Open-toe heels- this style might not always be possible, but again panty hose with open toe heels is back (dark tights + dark heels). Open-toe heels help reduce corns and calluses which should be removed by a podiatrist