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Therapeutic reflexology, a popular therapy around the world, involves massaging the nerve endings of the feet to reduce stress and tension and promote healing in other areas of the body. The practice is based on the ideas that our body parts are reflected in the feet, with the front of the body on the sole of the feet and the back of the body on tops. For example, massaging the toes can help relieve headaches and other symptoms in the head. Massaging the ankle bone can help with hip problems. The feet have always played an important role in healing and reflexology dates back to 2500 BC. Some podiatric offices are now hiring therapeutic reflexologists as a complementary service.

It’s always a good idea to listen to your feet, as they often have lots to tell you, including giving you clues about the rest of your body’s well-being. When  your feet tell you there’s trouble somewhere, as your podiatrist, Shenandoah Podiatry will work as a team with you to keep you and your feet healthy and pain free. Feet that feel good make the rest of you feel good, too so why not give us a call and start the process of feeling better today!