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Heel Spurs VS Bone Spurs

It has recently come to my attention there have been a few searches on our website concerning “bone spurs versus heel spurs.”  A bone spur is a bony growth, or exostosis, that is a result of the bone being put under a force greater than normal physiological forces.  These forces can be either tension or compression forces.  For example, when two bones constantly jam against each other, like in osteoarthritis, this is a compressive force.  If a tendon or ligament pulls chronically harder on a bone then it was designed to do, then this is a tension force and can cause a spur.

Bone Spur Symptoms:

  • causing swelling, pain, and tearing

  • can cause corns and calluses when tissue builds up to provide added padding over the bone spur

When people go to the gym and lift weights they are increasing their muscular strength.  Bone, just like muscle, when put under stress will grow to meet that stress.  In the heel the calcaneus, or heel bone, serves as an attachment for the achilles tendon and the plantar fascial ligament.  When one or both of these structures pulls chronically too hard on the calcaneus a spur will develop.  A heel spur is one example of a bone spur.  The only difference is it is found on the heel rather then another bone.

Heel Spur Symptoms:

  • Typically heel spurs do not have symptoms but can be associated with sporadic or constant pain.

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