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Heels, Yeah!

Extracted from Shape Magazine November 2013

After one hour and six minutes of wearing heels, most women are in pain, a new U.K. survey found. Still, more than 40% say they’re willing to suffer for fashion. Sound familiar? Lessen the hurt with these tips from heel-wearing podiatrists in New York City:

  1. Find the Right Fit: Narrow feet can slip around in shoes, so choose a heel with an ankle strap for added stability, Krista Archer suggests. If you have wide feet, your best bet is a wedge with a rounded toe box, which is more forgiving on joints than pointy-toed stilettos.

  2. Be a Pencil Pusher: “Slip off your shoes under your desk at work, put your feet together and try to pick up a pencil with your toes to activate the 38 muscles in each foot and strengthen your arches,” Suzanne Levine advises.

  3. Stretch It Out: “Over time, wearing heels of the same height will cause your Achilles tendons to tighten and shrink, which can lead to pain,” Jacqueline Sutera says. Do a few downward dog stretches each night to release tension in the back of your legs.

If you notice deformities developing (hammertoes, bunions, taylor’s bunion) or pain from your current deformities, don’t hesitate to give us a call. There are plenty ofconservative and surgical treatments available!