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Attentions Diabetics!

Attention Diabetics, Have you checked your feet recently??

Here is a friendly reminder to check your feet today in case they have been overlooked this past winter. This is an easy exam you can do to see if you need a professional to look at your feet.

Check your feet: for cuts, punctures, irritation, or bruises.
- If you find any of these consult your podiatrist especially if these spots are red, warm or draining.

Check your shoes: make sure you don’t feel any sharp objects in your shoes that would poke your feet.
- If find anything remove it from your shoe and check again.

Check your circulation: push lightly on the tips of your toes that will be pink and reddish in color. The color should change to white when you lift your fingers and then back to pink-red in about 2-3 seconds.

- If the change does not take place right away there might be something affecting your blood flow and you should see your podiatrist asap.

Helpful tip for those with circulation problems… don’t cross your legs when you sit. This will make it even harder for your body to get blood to your feet.

Keep in mind to never put your feet into hot water… only warm water.

Check your feet today!! You never know what you will find.