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Foot Exams Help Prevent Ulcers

We urge all of our patients to make sure their primary-care physicians check their feet during every office visit for signs of ulcerations that, left untreated, can lead to infection and ultimately result in lower limb amputations.

Ulcers are the leading cause of foot amputations among people with diabetes, but they are preventable in most cases if doctors routinely check their patient’s feet.It’s a simple exam that takes two minutes to determine if you are at risk for developing a foot ulcer. Perhaps the easiest way to remember to get your feet checked is to remove your shoes and socks in the examining room. Most diabetic patients are vulnerable to foot ulcerations caused by poor blood circulation in the lower extremities and neuropathy that inhibits nerve sensation.

In a routine foot exam we check for nerve sensation, skin irregularities (corns, calluses, punctures and areas of redness), swelling, drainage, and foot deformities that cause unnatural pressure points that are prone to ulceration.

Patients with diabetes who have their feet checked regularly can prevent foot ulcers or have them treated at early stages by their podiatrist.