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Smelly Feet?

Why do feet smell more than other body parts when they sweat? The main reason is the interaction that occurs between perspiration and bacteria that thrive in socks and shoes. Addressing foot odor means taking a look at both your propensity to sweat and your footwear. Factors that affect a person’s sweating include stress, certain medications, fluid intake, and hormonal changes. Some people, most commonly males, have an inherited condition called hyperhidrosis , which is marked by excessive sweating. Doctors may prescribe special topical medications to prevent foot odor. A week long regimen of daily 30-minute foot soaks in strong cooled black tea may also help, as the tannins in tea kills bacteria and closes pores so feet stay dry longer. CleanSweep has been used successfully by many.


At some point in their lives, most people suffer from some kind of foot disorder— from foot odor and nail problems to bunions and disease. Heredity, neglect, injuries, and medical conditions are often the culprits, but poorly fitting shoes can cause problems, too. Whatever the state of your feet, SHENANDOAH PODIATRY can treat your problem to restore your comfort and ease of movement and recommend action you can take at home. If you live in the Roanoke Virginia area and don’t have a podiatrist, why not schedule an appointment today.