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Black Toenails

Do you have a long-distance runner in your circle of family and friends? If so, you may have seen an occasional black toenail. Common among marathoners and other athletes, black toenails occur when the top of the toenail continuously bangs against the running shoe and causes bruising under the nail. Black toenails rarely cause pain or discomfort, except for possibly preventing a person from wearing open-toed shoes. But the bruising does create a environment that encourages fungal infections under the toenail. Trimming the affected nail and applying an anti-fungal/antibacterial medication can prevent infection. Diabetics need too pay careful attention to toenails that darken suddenly as it could be a sign of a diabetic complication.

Feet seem especially susceptible to nail problems of all kinds, including black toenails and fungal infections. It might be because of the trauma they endure in shoes, or all the time they spend in dark,moist places, or perhaps just lack attention. Whatever the cause, your podiatrist is well-equipped to help provide the cure, from medication to surgery. When your feet hurt, don’t take another step until you see Shenandoah Podiatry for family foot care. Same day appointments are often accommodated.

Dedicated To Your Healthy Feet,

Dr. Jennifer Feeny

P.S. To prevent black toenails, choose properly fitting shoes and stretch calf muscles to decrease the impact of toes hitting the shoe when running.