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How to Avoid Blisters While Hiking

A few weeks ago one of my  friend's stayed at my apartment and I caught sight of this awful blister on the back of his heel! 

My friend first got the blister because he was wearing new hiking boots on a 3 day hiking trip (a big no no!). After the blister formed his girlfriend accidentally kicked the back of his heel when he stopped short at one point and then became a bloody blister!

Some tips on avoiding blisters while hiking are:

  • Break in hiking boots prior to hiking

  • If you notice any friction anywhere on skin apply duct tape

  • Wear wool socks both in winter and summer

The big question…Should you pop a blister?

  • There really is no right or wrong answer. If you do decide to pop the blister make sure to apply something similar to Neosporin to the affected area and apply a band-aid as the area is no exposed to bacteria and possible infection once you puncture the skin.