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Nail Polish and Nail Fungus

The other day I wanted to paint my toenails with the at-home shellac kit I received for Christmas. I’ve been told by both the Podiatrists at the office I have “superficial” nail fungus. This means it’s on the surface and shows as white spots (similar looking when you have a calcium deficiency). I stopped myself from applying it to my toenails because I didn’t know if the next time I used it on my fingernails the fungus would spread.

At the Blacksburg office, I made sure to ask Dr. Feeny if that is the case. She said with all the chemicals nail polish has it probably wouldn’t spread, but my best option would be to pour some of the nail polish onto a disposable dish, get a disposable brush and apply the polish/shellac this way. Obviously that’s way too much of a task with shellac (you have the base coat, color, and top coat) so if I do decide to use one of my favorite polish colors, I’ll just use regular nail polish!

Lately for my toenails I’ve only been applying Dr. Remedy’s since it has natural ingredients, helps with the fungus and also strengthsns the nails (and we sell it in the office so it’s too really convenient to purchase).