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Gearing Up for Triathlon Season?

Whether you’re brick training for a triathlon, showering at the gym after your sweat session or taking the kids to the pool, never go barefoot! With our feet finally getting some fresh air after being bundled up during the winter, people hesitate to take precautions, because it’s just so nice for the little piggies to be free!!

However, it’s in your best interest if you want your feet to be fungus free for the rest of the summer! So step up (pun intended) and keep flip flops on those feet in these wet & warm environments!

Here are a few symptoms of Athlete’s Foot:

  • Dry skin
  • Itching and burning, which may increase as the infection spreads
  • Scaling
  • Inflammation
  • Blisters, which often lead to cracking of the skin

Take your precautions:

  • Wash feet daily with soap and water; dry carefully, especially between the toes
  • Avoid walking barefoot; use shower shoes
  • Reduce perspiration by using talcum powder
  • Wear light and airy shoes
  • Change shoes and hose regularly to decrease moisture
  • Wear socks that keep your feet dry, and change them frequently if you perspire heavily

When to make an appointment:

If you are taking the preventative measures suggested and aren’t seeing the fungus clearing up, call Shenandoah Podiatry in Blacksburg (540) 808-4343 or Troutville (540) 904-1458 to find out your treatment options!