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#12racesin12months Foam Fest 5k

Last weekend Kevin and I traveled to Richmond again in order to race in the Foam Fest 5K with my brother in law and 2 sisters in law! We had quite a group and one of our sister in laws made us tutus and race t-shirts!

I was a little apprehensive about the race as my knee really hasn’t been feeling to great lately and to add in the 3 hour car ride, it was pretty irritated.

So I welcomed the fact we had to walk the 5K in order for all of 5 of us to stay together! Despite the chilly weather in the beginning, it warmed up and we were ready for some dips in muddy water and the water slides! Here are a few courses I can remember:

  • Bounce House through foam
  • Climbing a few walls
  • Electric wire mud crawl (but don’t worry- it was just rope!)
  • Lilly pads (probably my favorite)
  • Spider web forest
  • Cargo climb
  • Trip wire
  • Slip in slide
  • Death drop
  • Mikes Hard E-lemon-ater

The race was sponsored by Mike’s Hard Lemonade hence the “Mike’s Hard E-lemon-ater” obstacle. You can find a description of each obstacle here.

Since we were able to walk, my knee never felt sore or achy which I was extremely happy about. I really didn’t want to not be able to walk on it the next day like after my half marathon.

This week, Kevin and I have been weight training and I’ve been taking the Ibuprofen as prescribed by my physician and my knee has been feeling a bit better. We’re going to test the waters and run a mile later this week and then go for 4-5 this weekend. I’ve also been reading a lot about water running which I might attempt this weekend. This sounds like excellent cross training and of course low impact which my knees will appreciate!