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#12racein12months Rugged Maniac 5K 2014

This past weekend Kevin and I traveled to Richmond, VA to run the Rugged Maniac 5k on Saturday! We did the race on a motor cross course which was pretty fun minus the soreness we’ve been experiencing even a week later just due to trying to keep our ankles stable for 3.1 miles. Let’s see if I can remember all the courses:

  • after a run through the woods we encountered two walls to jump over
  • 3 obstacles of crawling through mud under barbed wire (the last one was rocks mixed with mud (ouch)
  • See saws (first time doing this)
  • Balance Beam over water/mud pit
  • Bouncing across holes in the ground on plywood
  • Jumping over holes (felt like I was in Super Mario World!)
  • Crawling in pitch black through mud for .2 miles??
  • Giant water slide!
  • Lots of walking through waste deep mud and water
  • Carrying 25-50 lb sacks up a hill
  • Running up multiple mulch and dirt hills
  • Climbing up steep ladders
  • Rope net climb (roll) for the water slide
  • Ring Across (not sure what this is called) over a pit of water

I can’t remember all 25 obstacles but all in all it was a pretty fun race. This seemed to be a little more relaxed for racers than the Spartan race which was all crossfit/elite athletes (it seemed). One thing I really didn’t care for was the THREE barbed wire crawls especially the one that had way to many rocks and not enough mud…that was painful.

It seems I’m being beat up by these races lately, from my tendonitis in my ankle to my knee pain to my recent injury with this race–> We came up to the rings and I have zero upper body strength (I’m working on this) and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to cross them (think monkey bars but swinging rings) and knew I’d drop in the water, which I did and landed with my foot flat. Ouch. The tendon on the top was basically in shock and I had to walk a while before it went away. However, what came back was a pain on the lateral (outside) of my foot. Since it happened Saturday, I didn’t have Dr. Gwynn look at it until Tuesday and by then it really had gone away. I really think much of the soreness was due to trying to keep ourselves stable because Kevin was experiencing the same pain on the medial (inside) of his foot.

I have updated our race schedule you can find here and up next is our Foam Fest 5kback in Richmond!