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Dancers Starting Pointe Earlier and Earlier

Yesterday I went to Dance-Tech in Blacksburg, VA to talk to the owner about Shenandoah Podiatry, she was so relieved to find out we are located just around the corner! She started talking to me about how so many of the young girls want to start Pointe classes earlier and earlier in age. The owner herself started at the young age of 8 and now shows the girls just what starting so young can do to your feet.

I think this is definitely a positive preventative measure to try to hold the girls off a couple more years, however, more than likely it goes in one ear and out the other!


After talking with the owner yesterday, I did a little research on common foot and ankle injuries dancers’ experience.

  • Dancer’s Fracture (5th metatarsal fracture)- results in landing awkwardly on the outside portion of the foot or twisting the ankle

  • Ankle Sprain- occurs by stretching or tearing one or more ligaments on either or both sides of the ankle.

  • Bunions- are caused by your big toe joints becoming incorrectly aligned. This causes the one bone on your big toe to slant outward and the second bone then angles towards your other toes.

  • Stress Fractures- results from too much repetitive activity of the foot which causes the bones to weaken

  • Ankle Impingement Syndrome- results on the front or back of the ankle and is related to bone structures that pinch the soft tissue when the ankle is pointed in one direction or the other

  • Turf Toe- a sprain caused by overuse or hyperextension

  • Heel PainAchilles Tendonitis, Sesamoiditis and Hallux Rigidus are all related to overuse and repetitive trauma

As much as we don’t mean to scare you with all of these common injuries, any daily activity can result in an injury so this is no announcement to stop your daily activities.

Shenandoah Podiatry is here to aid in foot and ankle health; if you hear any scary noises after a fall don’t do the “I’ll wait a couple days to see if the pain is still there.” The sooner you make an appointment the sooner you’ll be back on your feet!