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  • What Do Podiatrists and Pedometers Have In Common?
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What Do Podiatrists and Pedometers Have In Common?

They both involve FEET!

Health experts- myself included- say 10,000 steps a day is the magic number to get (or stay) on the healthy track. Side effects include increase in energy, weight loss and less frequent sickness (<- I’d take those side effects any day!)

One tip to obtain these “side effects” is to keep track! Make sure you record your total number of steps per day to keep yourself accountable. You might be expecting these results when you assume you’ve walked that amount each day when in reality it’s only been 7,500 or 8,000 steps. If you’re really looking for weight loss, go ahead and write down your food intake daily and you might see double digits lost on the scale sooner rather than later!

If you find any pain after your daily walks, make sure to see a podiatrist as soon as possible so you can get back on your feet!