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Pointy Shoe Problems

High-heeled shoes have long been know to contribute to foot disorders like bunions ,corns , calluses , and hammertoes . But now that high heels are getting pointier than ever— about 20% pointier— the result is constricted feet and considerable pain. Women’s love for the new styles made famous on “Sex and the City” conflicts with their pain tolerance. Some issues caused by the narrower-than-ever high heels include blisters and sore soles. In women who wear narrow, pointy shoes over time, the fat from the ball of the foot starts to settle toward the toes. While manufacturers claim they are trying to make the shoes as comfortable as possible, the truth remains that these fashions come at a price.


At SHENANDOAH PODIATRY , we are just as concerned about the reason for your discomfort as we are about the problem itself. This is because we’d rather prevent a problem from happening than have you suffer because of it. Whether your foot problem is caused by inappropriate footwear, disease, injury, deformity, or just plain strain and overuse, we invite you to consult with us. Same day appointments are often accommodated.


Dedicated To Your Healthy Feet,

Dr. Jennifer Keller


P.S. Prolonged high-heel use may lead to surgery to correct painful conditions like bunions and hammertoes.