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How to Make Orthotics Look Good

I’ve been in quite a pickle lately. I’ve had a rather uncomfortable knee injury happen which I only aggravated during my half marathon and then again during our last 5k (the weekend after the half…woops). When I went to the doctor for my knee injury I found out I have Plica Syndrome which is an overuse injury (Dr. Gwynn called it!) and for treatment I was recommended NSAIDs (Non-steriodal anti-inflammatory medication), icing, strengthening my quads and of course…dun dun dunnnn ORTHOTICS!

Since I saw the physician I have been on the search to find cute shoes that will comfortably fit orthotics. I purchased a shoe similar to these, they don’t have a very rigid sole but I thought since they are a quality brand, they would be a good choice for my orthotics. They didn’t work so well. They were perfectly comfortable without orthotics but once I put them in the shoes (they are 3/4 length) my instep was way too high and was quite painful. These were then returned.

Onto the next pair! I purchased this pair yesterday and was so happy to see I could even remove the laces and was convinced my instep would be fine with the stretchy shoe tongue. I walked around in them a bit and they are super comfortable and then put my orthotics in…so far so good. Well, about an hour later the top of my left foot was so sore from the tightness womp womp! These will be returned.

I really do like Vionic shoes, I guess why I haven’t committed to them yet is because I’d prefer to be able to slip the orthotics that I was foot typed for in my shoes.

My dilemma is I wear a lot of dresses to work and a lot of skinny leg pants so Danskos and sneakers are out. I will keep you in the loop on my mission to make orthotics look good!