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If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit…Make the Foot Fit the Shoe??

As the fashion trends for shoes continuously change, these changes are very persuasive in convincing women they need to change their appearance in order to wear them. As this is may be difficult for many to fathom, many women are considering the option of elective cosmetic foot surgery. If surgical intervention is the only reason for foot surgery, in order to fit into a shoe, then maybe the shoe is not for you. But you have to have the latest spring collection of Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahnik sandals, but that little pinky toe is just not fitting into the shoe. So what do you do? Well, some women are resorting to cosmetic foot surgery, which is becoming more popular since you can nip and tuck just about everything else, some figure well why not the feet?

A growing number of women are considering shortening their toes, narrowing their feet, or enduring collagen or silicone injections in an effort to have the “perfect” foot to fit the “perfect” shoe. One has to consider that there are complications that can occur with any surgical procedure, not to mention the pain, swelling and discomfort that may be experienced post operatively. Surgically changing the dynamics of your foot when there is no underlying injury or pathology to a shape that is not natural may cause potential difficulty down the road. What will you do if the shoe trends change again? Will you remove another toe? There has to be some reasonable options that don’t involve removing appendages. If surgical intervention is necessary, be sure it is for medical reasons. If you have a condition that cannot be treated conservatively, experiencing pain, or if overall quality of life is affected, then surgery may be necessary.

Remember trends go in and out of style, your toes never do. Be an advocate for your foot health.