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Women’s Traveling Feet Feel the Pain

Researchers recently found a strong link between packing uncomfortable shoes and suffering foot pain while traveling. Young women are the most common victims of foot pain on the road. Not surprisingly, they are also the most likely to pack and wear uncomfortable, even dangerous shoes— high heels, flip flops, etc. —when traveling.


Eighty percent of the surveyed women under age 25 and 60% of surveyed women under 35 acknowledge that they sacrificed comfort for fashion on their last pleasure trip. While 60% of women, compared to 32 % of men, spent time planning their shoe selections for their trip, women were more likely than men to suffer foot discomfort related to poor shoe choices on their trips.


Switching shoes may not always be the best solution for correcting foot problems, but wearing appropriate footwear can prevent some problems from ever happening or alleviate others from continuing. As your foot care specialists, we can diagnose and recommend a course of treatment that may include a change in footwear, regular general care, medications, physical therapy, or orthotics. If your feet are tired of ill-fitting shoes, or if you are just tired of feet that hurt, we welcome your call at ShenandoahPodiatry.


P.S. Close to one-third of travelers admitted to packing either brand-new shoes, uncomfortable shoes, or both.