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UGG Boots Can Mean Ugly Things for Your Feet

I was wearing my Ugg boots a few weeks ago at my husband’s parent’s house and his Grandpa asked me, “what are those called” referring to my boots and I answered, “Ugg boots” and he quickly replied (at 92 years old), “does that stand for ugly?” Ouch Grandpa, ouch!

UGG boots, thus named because even their designer thought they were ugly (but super warm and comfy!), can cause some hideous problems for your feet.

Despite the fact that these shoes are soft and cuddly in texture on the inside, there is little to no arch support inside of them. The lack of support throws off your gait, so long-term wear can result in not only terrible arch and heel pain but also problems with your knees, hips, and back.

Not to mention the fact that many UGG devotees tend to wear them without socks, due to the warm, plushy feel of the lining (okay, and maybe being a bit lazy too). Don’t be fooled, though – that plushy lining is no replacement for socks! Due to the lack of moisture absorption, going sockless in your UGGs can create a perfect breeding ground for fungus.

One of the best things to do is to switch up your shoes occasionally – while these boots are comfortable and trendy, it’s healthy (and fun!) to wear more than one pair of shoes throughout the week. This lets your shoes dry out and also keeps your $140 shoe investment from wearing out as quickly.

If you can’t stand to take off your UGG boots, take a couple of precautions for your feet:

- Wear socks! It only takes a couple of extra seconds and it will keep you from yucky fungal infections (plus, it’s winter – who doesn’t want an extra layer?). Spraying an anti-fungal spray in the boots once a month can ward off fungi that could be developing.

- Use arch supports. Due to the boots being extra-roomy, there’s plenty of space for you to put one under the liner (so it doesn’t cover up any of that plushy softness) and it’ll keep your gait from being thrown out of whack.

Just follow these tips and your feet will look and feel great, even in those so-called “ugly” boots!

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