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Shoes that are creating their own path in our world: Part 1

Tom’s are extremely colorful with many different patterns, but this is just a bonus. The best thing about these shoes is that you get two for the price of one! Deals are great aren’t they!! What is even better about this deal is that one pair of shoes goes to you and one pair of shoes goes to a child who doesn’t have any shoes to call their own. Tom’s was started in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie. His inspiration came from seeing children without shoes on his visit to Argentina. A little known fact is that many diseases can be picked up from the ground by being absorbed through the skin on the feet. Another concern is puncture wounds especially when medical treatment is not readily available. These things are not acceptable when there is something we can do about them. So, when Blake came back to the states he got very busy. During his first year in business he gave 10,000 shoes to children all around the world. Tom’s have become increasingly popular over the years. Their expansion has been exciting and inspiring. As of April 2010, Tom’s have given approximately 600,000 shoes to children all over the world! To check out Tom’s shoes online please visit