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Find Arthritis Relief with Exercise

One of the great things about living in the Roanoke, VA community is the many options for living an active, healthy lifestyle. This rings true no matter your age, and even if you have arthritis! At the Green Ridge Recreation Center, for example, you can take the “Senior Fit” and/or “Rejuvenate You” courses, each of which can help improve an arthritic condition.

Yoga foot stretch

It is a common misconception that arthritis and exercise don’t do well together. We understand where this comes from, since the condition does cause pain and stiffness in your joints. When it’s a struggle to do everyday things, like open a jar of jam or get up from the couch, the prospect of swimming, yoga, or water aerobics may seem rather daunting. Trust us, though, when we suggest that doing exercise with arthritis can help!

When you participate in courses at Green Ridge Recreation Center, you can improve range of motion, control your weight, and strengthen the muscles that support your joints. These benefits are essential for helping decrease the pain and stiffness caused by arthritis. In time, you will find that you are able to move with greater ease on account of the enhanced support your strengthened muscles are able to give your joints.

Exercise can be quite beneficial, but it is important to understand what activities to participate in and which ones to avoid:

  • Walking enhances your cardiovascular system, tones muscle, and helps with weight loss, all without placing excessive stress on your joints.
  • Swimming and water aerobics capitalize on your body’s natural buoyancy to take away stressful forces while you receive physical conditioning.
  • Yoga is a total body workout that improves flexibility, range of motion, and strength in a gentle, low-impact manner.
  • Running can be a great exercise, but it is high-impact and we do not recommend it if you have an arthritic condition. The same goes for jogging, jumping rope, and high-impact aerobics.

If you are signing up for an exercise class, be sure to check ahead and find out what kinds of activities the instructor uses.

Whether you would like more information on how to manage your arthritis, or you require professional care for the condition, Shenandoah Podiatry is here for you! Simply fill out our online form or call us today at (540) 904-1458 for our Roanoke, VA office.

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