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Freiberg’s Disease Creates Pain for Teenage Females

If you don’t have plans for Saturday, January 17 yet, we have the perfect solution for you: The 12th Annual Guns N’ Hoses Hockey Game! This annual hockey tournament pits a team of local police officers (the “Guns”) against a team of local firefighters (the “Hoses”) and benefits the Muscular Dystrophy Association, the official charity of the International Association of Firefighters. Whereas muscular dystrophy is more likely to affect males—on account of the fact they only have one X-chromosome—females, particularly in their teenage years, are more susceptible to the rare Freiberg’s disease.

Freiberg’s disease is not a particularly common condition, but it can result in a painful limp and discomfort in the second toe. This is more likely to occur in instances where the second toe is longer than the big toe because this places greater pressure upon the second metatarsal head. The condition often happens during a growth spurt.

When the second toe, particularly in the growth plate, is subject to repetitive stress, there can be a development of microfractures that affect circulation. In cases where the growth plate is deprived of adequate circulation, it leads to avascular necrosis (cellular death) in the head of the bone. Fortunately, conservative treatment is often successful in helping this condition.

If you have an adolescent daughter who is experiencing discomfort and pain in her second toe, it is certainly possible that she is suffering from Freiberg’s disease. When this is the case, bring her in to our Roanoke, VA, offices for an expert diagnosis. Shenandoah Podiatry provides world-class treatment for our patients, Dr. Jennifer Keller will ensure that the proper procedures are followed to put the issue to rest. Call (540) 904-1458 for our Roanoke office or schedule an appointment online today.