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The perfect shoe gear for the warm weather!

The Oofos experience (Update):


It has been over a month since I purchased my first pair of Oofos sandals.  Now, I own three pair.  My original intention was to wear them as an inside house slipper.  They were so comfortable that I ended up wearing them everywhere.  This included while I was planting and tending my garden and doing other yard chores, which has resulted in getting my original pair very dirty.  I quickly realized that additional pairs were needed to wear inside.


The Oofos are reported to be a recovery sandal that is designed to be worn after a hard day on your feet.  They are made from OOfoam, and have 37% more impact absorption then EVA material which is very commonly found in shoe gear.


I still find the Oofos to have great heel padding and arch support.  I also find the mild rocker-bottom sole very comfortable while walking.  Our patients have also noticed the comfort of the Oofos sandal and will often purchase multiple pair at a time.  As a practitioner I find it beneficial to have a sandal that patients can wear and experience dramatic relief of their foot and heel pain.




Warm Regards,


Dr. Marshal Gwynn