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Recognizing the Symptoms of PAD

Downtown Roanoke, VA has a slogan of “Eat local. Live better. Make it happen downtown.” We are here to attest to the fact that eating local can help you live better. A diet rich in the veggies and fruit you purchase at our Historic Roanoke City Market can prevent, or even treat, a condition known as peripheral arterial disease (PAD).

This is a fairly common condition that stems from reduced blood flow in the limbs on account of narrowed arteries. It is a sign of atherosclerosis, which is essentially an accumulation of fatty deposits throughout your body’s arteries. Atherosclerosis restricts your blood flow to such areas as your heart and brain, and thereby increases your risk for a heart attack or stroke.

There are many individuals who have peripheral arterial disease and experience either mild or no symptoms. This is particularly true in early stages of the disease and, unfortunately, by the time symptoms become more prevalent, the arteries may already be significantly blocked. That is why it is especially important to come in for diagnosis and treatment when you do become aware of any of the signs.

The symptoms you should be on the lookout for include:

  • Numbness or weakness in your leg(s).
  • Cramping or pain that occurs while you are walking (intermittent claudication) or lying down (ischemic rest pain).
  • Cold feet or legs, particularly when this is in stark contrast to the lower limb on the other side.
  • Sores on your lower legs, feet, or toes that will not heal or take an exceptionally long time to do so.
  • Slower-than-normal hair growth on your legs (or feet), or even hair loss.
  • A change in color for your leg(s).

If you happen to experience any of these signs or symptoms of PAD, come in for a professional diagnosis and enlist the help of our doctors. We will work with you to create an effective treatment plan to decrease your risk of a stroke or heart attack. Here at Shenandoah Podiatry, your health is our primary concern. Contact our office by calling (540) 904-1458 for Roanoke, VA and request your appointment today.