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Certain Shoes Can Lead to Heel Pain and Foot Issues!

We hope that you are ready for some fine dining, because January 16-25 is Downtown Roanoke Restaurant Week. This celebration of local eateries serves to showcase the wide array of options available for hungry patrons in the downtown community. It can be fun to dress to the nines and go out to some of the finer dining options, but keep in mind that your choice in footwear for the evening can contribute to various foot issues like heel pain, bunions, and even hammertoes!

We certainly understand that those super-cute stilettos make you look slimmer and accentuate your calf muscles, but if you wear them too often you increase the risk of developing osteoarthritis, painful shin splints, and toe deformities. High-heeled shoes, particularly those with a pointed toe, cram your toes together and put all of your weight on the very front of your foot. This is contrary to the natural weight distribution that is supposed to take place throughout your entire foot.

Flats might seem like they would be a better alternative, but they also have inherent design issues that do not align with how your foot is intended to function. This type of footwear does not have proper internal support, so the tendons and ligaments that run along the bottom of your feet overstretch and your arch collapses. These conditions lead to plantar fasciitis, which gives you sharp heel pain first thing in the morning.

So what type of shoes are best? Well, you want to wear a pair that fits properly, has ample cushioning, and provides arch support. With regard to a proper fit, you should be able to wiggle your toes and the heel should be rigid. Wearing high heels or flats only on special occasions is unlikely to cause too much difficulty, but it can become a problem when done habitually. Instead, opt for a comfy, day-to-day pair and your feet will thank you.

When you are afflicted with heel pain, it’s time to put on some comfortable shoes and head to Shenandoah Podiatry. We have offices conveniently located in Blacksburg and Roanoke, VA, and the expert staff you need to treat any foot and ankle issue that may be giving you a hard time. Simply call our Blacksburg office at (540) 808-4343, our Roanoke office at (540) 904-1458, or schedule an appointment online today