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Common Symptoms for Foot Ailments

Do you suffer from itching or scaling between your toes? Have you experienced this sensation in the past but now your feet are painful, inflamed, and possibly have blisters?

You might have Athlete’s Foot. Athlete’s foot is a fungus that enjoys the dark dampness between your toes. This is usually taken care of with an anti fungal cream or powder.


Does your big toe point towards the rest of your toes? Does your big toe look like its overlapping or invading the space of your second toe? Does the portion of bone that connects your big toe to your foot look like its protruding from your body?

You might have bunions. A bunion occurs when the bone starts pointing outward. This puts extra pressure on the toe joints which can cause inflammation and pain. Different splints and spacers can help slow this process or relieve pain but surgery is the only way to correct it.

Do you have sections on the skin of your foot that seem thicker than the rest of the skin?

You might have corns or calluses. These can be red flags for more serious foot ailments because they are caused by constant rubbing. These should only be removed by a professional.

Are your toe nails discolored, misshapen or smell? Is it painful to walk?

You might have toe nail fungus. The fungus can be gotten rid of by topical or oral medication. In extreme cases the toe nail will be completely removed so a healthy nail can have the freedom to grow.

Do you have severe and sudden attacks of pain, redness, or tenderness in your joints?

You might have gout, a form of arthritis that is caused by a build up of urate crystals in your body. These crystals are formed by uric acid, a by-product of breaking down of proteins. Different forms of therapy are now available to help cope with Gout.


Like any medical condition, the key to getting healthy faster is by listening the symptoms you have and treating the problem right away instead of just ignoring them and hoping they will go away. The sooner you see a podiatrist for your feet ailments the sooner your life doesn’t have to be run by them.