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Rain, Rain Go Away!

Spring is just around the corner and judging by the last two weeks it’s going to be a wet one. If you don’t already own waterproof footwear, you’re probably considering it now. Many of us opt for the standard rubber boot because they’re inexpensive, keep our feet dry, and come in many different colors. Though this style of boot is widely popular, it does pose some unique concerns for your feet.


Most of these styles provide little to no arch support which means that they can lead to problems much more serious than wet feet. Shop for rain boots that have removable insoles because this will allow you to replace them with more supportive inserts or even your custom orthotics.


Another concern posed by the standard rain boot is fungal infections. Because rubber doesn’t breathe, rain boots provide a warm, moist environment where fungus can flourish if steps aren’t taken to prevent it. One of the best ways to prevent fungal infections is to alternate shoes so that the same pair isn’t worn everyday. If this isn’t possible, at least let them dry out completely between uses. You can also spray CleanSweep (disinfectant shoe spray found in our offices) into your boots after each use to kill fungus and other germs.


Whether you’re about to break out your old boots or you’re in the market for new ones, keep these tips in mind for happy, healthy feet.