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Trick or Treat!

As Halloween approaches there are a few safety tips to keep in mind to keep you child safe and smiling.

Walk, don’t run between houses and avoid cutting through lawns. There could be obstacles in the dark that you can’t see or that your child just isn’t looking out for.

Dress appropriately for the weather. If its cold, wear multiple thin layers to keep in warmth while allowing moisture to be wicked away.

Wear supportive footwear! Remember your child will be walking around. Even though princess heels or too big cowboy boots go with the costume, these shoes are not practical. Well fitting sturdy sneakers are the best choice. (Check out this video from the APMA for more information)

Pick safety conscious costumes. Too long costumes could cause your child to trip or get caught in something, plus it’s just not comfortable. Hem or safety pin costumes that may drag.  Another costume safety concern is vision and breathing through masks. If your child is wearing a mask, test their vision before hand and if necessary cut larger eye holes. Masks that can easily be slid up or taken off are best.

Pick potty friendly costumes. You know that as soon as you get on that one piece costume it will have to come off for a bathroom break. It is also a good idea to plan a potty break along your route at a friend or relative’s house.

Carry some form of lighting. Having a flashlight is a good idea. You can also light up your child to make him or her visible using glow sticks or light up shoes.