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  • Got Gout?
    Got gout? If so, here is a recommendation for reducing you pain and discomfort! Watch what you eat and drink. Changes in diet, including overindulging in certain foods and beverages Read more
  • Plantar Fasciitis
    Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common problems treated in a foot and ankle practice. Approximately 10% of the United States population experiences bouts of heel pain. The plantar fascia Read more
  • Time Wounds All Heels….Literally
    When John Lennon said, “I believe that time wounds all heels,” I’m pretty sure he was referring to karmic justice and not our feet. But the literal interpretation isn’t far Read more
  • Heels, Yeah!
    Extracted from Shape Magazine November 2013 After one hour and six minutes of wearing heels, most women are in pain, a new U.K. survey found. Still, more than 40% say they’re Read more
  • Heel Spurs VS Bone Spurs
    It has recently come to my attention there have been a few searches on our website concerning “bone spurs versus heel spurs.”  A bone spur is a bony growth, or Read more
  • Reflexology
    Therapeutic reflexology, a popular therapy around the world, involves massaging the nerve endings of the feet to reduce stress and tension and promote healing in other areas of the body. Read more
  • Avoiding Heel Pain
    Heel pain is the most common condition leading patients to both our Roanoke and Blacksburg offices. Pregnancy, improper shoes, and overly strenuous exercise are some of the factors contributing to Read more
  • Heel Pain from…Stilettos?
    While us commoners might not have heel pain from Mr. Choo, Vuitton or Blahnik, we still wear our beloved 4-inch stilettos (maybe their Steve Maddens or Sam Edelmans…) When our Read more
  • Home Remedies for Foot Cramps
    Have you ever heard or tried any of these home remedies before? Well, they’re worth a shot! If you are experiencing a foot cramp, or more commonly called a charlie Read more
  • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
    Tarsal tunnel syndrome is a condition that is caused by compression of the tibial nerve or its branches. Tarsal tunnel syndrome is analogous to carpal tunnel syndrome of the wrist. Read more
  • Low Heels = High Style, Less Pain?
    Kitten heels have appeared on the fashion scene, and fashionistas are rejoicing in the most comfortable footwear trend in quite a while! These shoes, a morph of stilettos and flats, Read more
  • Morton’s Neuroma
    Is a painful benign fibrotic enlargement of one of there common digital nerves. It is caused by a shearing force of the adjacent metatarsal bone. It most commonly affects the Read more
  • High Arches
    When you stand, the gap between your foot’s inner side and the ground is referred to as your arch. If your arch is high, you have a pes cavus (high-arched Read more
  • Holiday Foot Care Tips
    “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” might be the actual lyrics, but we should probably switch out “wonderful” for “hectic.” Sure, it doesn’t flow quite as well—we tried!—but Read more
  • How Arch Types Affect Your Feet
    We love our pets. Those furry freeloaders find a way into our hearts and become family. If you own a cat and want to show off your precious feline, the Read more
  • Understanding Pronation
    Keep your calendar open for June 20 at 9:00 pm so you can participate in Roanoke’s only night race – Light up the Night 5k Run/Walk. This event is great Read more